We all know the tragic and often told story of being a spinster in your thirties. It doesn’t mean you are hopeless, just that you either have been working so hard, to try make something or you just can’t be bothered with a stupid relationship. 

Let’s face it, the world seems to think that you need to be in a couple to invest in property… guess what you thieving mercenaries called real estate agents… no one has the money for your horribly inflated prices anymore!!! Being young, we try to invest, by ourselves. Can you understand that we are the future? Can you understand that these soulless apartment blocks are being put over beautiful architecturally amazing family homes? It is why your business is failing!

Your cost/analysis for a good buying market are flawed. Did you learn nothing in business? Quality sells. Not your mundane idiot quick buck enterprises. People have forgotten their right to pay for quality. If people follow this path, we all end up in barely adequate boxes. Guess what I’ll take 300k for my fridge box on a good street. You people are becoming peasants for a tiny box! My family home was, for middle income earners with two children and a stay at home mother? A four bedroom house, two bathroom, pool and two living rooms… we afforded it, in a highly reputable area for school children. Know what that would cost you now? Over 2 million. Isn’t this ridiculous? 

Then idiotic home owners ask, why they are getting no offers on their small apartment over 500,000 grand? Do we really need to tell you that no one can afford the $4000 per month mortgage repayments? Even as a couple, it means $2000 per month and person, and then land tax, council rates, insurance… so for each of the two people is about $5000 per month. Do you earn that? Does anyone earn that? Really… wonder why your property is not selling?

These idiotic real estate people are no longer interested in unique or valued homes. As a human race, we are apparently meant to live in cold insular tiny blocks, so they can charge you $500,000 per studio apartment, over 12 stories which means they are gaining over 1 million for a $500,000 investment. For basically a studio? Fuck off. 

Remember when we cared about the unique and beautiful architecture of our homes? Due to OVERPOPULATION and the easy money, we are losing our ability to care for our property. It’s really sad. I love individual homes and see how much effort people have put in to preserve them. Architecture is a dying artwork. Now all they care about is how many homes on a single piece of land, all the same, all ugly in that sameness. It is a travesty and relating the mundane. I am disgusted. 

Architecture is a weak art now. Remember when we cared about not living in a block assembled eyesore? When we had good taste or at least the basic ability to observe between mundane and spectacular? I weep for the human race. Give it 5 years and we are all in prisons, which we call apartments, because we have given up. You are condemned to your coffins far too early. It’s a sad point of modern life. But worst of all, is that you are paying the same amount for your tiny coffin as you did a four bedroom home. 

This is honestly about the fact that my loved family home was destroyed by idiotic real estate agents, selling a unique home to destroy it for their profits. They destroyed beauty for the mundane and grotesque destruction of not only a property, but a neighbourhood. They just destroyed not only a suburb but their commissions on further purchases in the area. You made a top suburb go to the trash. I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Don’t settle for mundane. Treat yourself to a home, which is yours. Don’t settle for what is cheap, save and accumulate your own self worth. Stop giving into this bloodsucker society and accepting the same as everyone else. You deserve more than that! You deserve a home, that you love, not what they are giving for a fraction of the cost. They won’t learn without your voice. Stop buying the same and be a fucking individual. Be who you want to be! Don’t settle for boring.

Something to think about.
All the best,


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