Music that Matters


I listen to music sometimes, but rarely find something to capture my mood. I often look at random bands and see if I can find something new or unique.

I have found a band, which not only captured my ears, but my heart as well. They are an undiscovered gem and I honestly think can go big time. If you agree please let which ever site you listen to them on a like or comment.

Bandcamp –

Facebook –

Triple J Unearthed –

Rtrfm –

I love their songs, my favourites are listed;

  1. Does not Equal Ten –
  2. Into the Trap –
  3. Passenger Side –
  4. We Mattered Once Upon a Time –
  5. We All Need Hope –
  6. Girlfriend –
  7. Pot Plot –

Hope you enjoy and if you need any more information then contact them through the numerous links lol. It will be worth it.

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I love to hear from people. Feel free to comment. Cheers.

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