Hope, Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

I believe in Hope, as a main tool when dealing with any struggle. Hope is what makes us try to be strong during the toughest battles, either internal or external. 

Hope, keeps us fighting the despair of every day and makes us tougher. Hope is a wonderful quality of humans. The only time to be concerned is when you lose hope. 

Losing hope is the same as losing any reason to keep going. It means you are stuck and unable to cope anymore. 

We all have Hope, even when things seem lost or you feel unable to find that tiny little light which keeps you strong. It’s still there, and may be hiding or lost at the moment, when things feel the worst… But it will come back. If you can’t see the tiny speck of Hope, then hope for it to return, and it will. Pretty simple right? Hope for hope…

We all face the darkness and can feel overwhelmed by the oppression of it. If you can find a Hope, of any source, it means that the light will overcome the darkness that you’ve been feeling. It only has to be a small Hope, to become big over time. Nourish the hope and it gets stronger, as you will as well. 

Even when our hope fails, as sometimes it will, find another source of Hope. You can have the same hope and look for a different direction for it. But the main thing is to believe in it.

Remember Peter Pan, if you believe you can fly, you will. Faith, trust and pixie dust. Which is what hope is made from. 

Hope can make us strive to the unbelievable, as long as you keep believing. So keep hoping, then start trying, then believe in yourself and make your hope a reality. Only three little steps to achieve what you want. 

There will be hardships, there will be times you think it’s too hard. But keep your Hope and faith. Let them make you strong and to keep trying. Always keep trying. Don’t give up. If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again.

We all make mistakes, we all give up… at some point. But you need to get up, dust yourself off, and keep going. Never give up.

And if you do give up… then you fought your best and maybe it’s time to let that one slumber, until you have the strength to continue. Don’t feel shame, we all lose battles. But pick yourself up and let’s fight the next one together. Hope means that we will win the next battle, we’ll be stronger and learn from our mistakes. So losing means learning. It makes us stronger for the next fight. If you lose, you have learnt something. Which makes you stronger. Never count failure as defeat. The only defeat is if you didn’t learn from it. 
Always have Hope, as it makes us strong.

Always believe, as it gives you hope.

Always try lighten the darkness and give yourself hope. 

Tomorrow always brings a new perspective.

The sun will always rise, the earth will always spin, you will always have Hope. 

I have Hope, Faith, trust and pixie dust.


Published by Maxine Stockton

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