I don’t want to complain or cause a fuss about all the issues humans have today and what in eventuality will become our future. But… let’s face it… we are not doing the best as a species. Humans can be smart, humane, talented creatures. We have every chance to be great, or do we? I’m not… that… old. When I was a child we only heard of the internet as a super computer that sent electronic waves across the country in a few days? Weeks? Anyway something like that. Much faster than air travel which may or may not have been ridden by two fat blokes trying  to get a cardiovascular workout into their day. It would have worked better with an aerobics fuelled machine that had them working out with Jane Foster. If you haven’t guessed, I was born in the 80’s… 1988 not 2080… I’m not from the future.

Then technology took a big swing and advanced so quickly that most young children stare at books and ask why I’m looking at a doorstop, for hours. To them reading on something that doesn’t beep, give light or let you play games on it… well it’s a doorstop.

I love technology. It truly is a wonder, what amazing things have been developed! Yet it does scare me a little, when the roomba can avoid me dancing when I’m drunk and while it doesn’t care if I fall down, it will happily map my passed out form and avoid me as if I’m an inanimate object. Truly remarkable!

We do have to question the Terminator in most technology advancements, or even the Simpson’s Halloween of horror episode, where it was y2k and the machines turned against them. I really don’t know if the roomba or dishwasher may eventually turn against me, I am also unsure how they would potentially do me harm, but I still tell them what a good job they are doing… just in case!

I honestly think the machines could win just by putting a “ WiFi is not accessible” notification on all electronic devices. We used to fear the electricity going out, but now we have batteries and mobile electronics and some solar powered things, which cause us to become more worried about the internet, as a major resource. If the internet were gone… it would lead to economic downfall and possibly the extinction of the human race. I’m not saying it would definitely happen, but the way humans went nuts during blackouts… we could call it the purge and decrease the population in a day.

Let’s face It, people are naturally animals, our natures are calmed by the light and warmth of our mobile phones, tablets and media centers (I’ve been told not to call them televisions anymore as they also play games, dim the lights, listen to music and are another computer that reminds us what to do). Just in case the seventy two other devices fail.

Does anyone else get confused by the numerous “calendar” alerts we get? I have my laptop, phone, email, work, diary and the one I still hang up and write on (like a cave person). Now I have to remember to update all 6 and all the other numerous emails, just in case I forgot that my friend was a year older on a particular day. Then you have no excuse for forgetting to buy them a present because it’s beeping at you for the entire day to remind you. Really hard to forget something…

I’ve always been a bit slow with the technology upgrades. I remember saying “pffft, like a DVD could ever replace a VCR”. For kids not understanding what a VCR is, it’s something that your grandparents used to watch videos on… for kids that don’t know what a DVD is, you are too young to read this and go away!

Anyway, I loved my old game consoles as well. I still have them and believe me when I say that finding a “smart tv” with analog input is tough! Actually, trying to find a laptop with a usb port is tough. I know everyone is saving all their documents, pictures, videos etc to this mythical cloud… but some things are private or pirated and you don’t necessarily want to advertise to the internet provider or government or random hackers that you might have. I know, that if you have good security it is meant to protect you. But really? This is the day and age of transparency for what you do online. You shop for a sex toy and suddenly all advertising is aimed at pleasing you sexually? Doesn’t matter if no cookies were placed, or if you were buying it as a gag gift (I didn’t, I’m just realizing how it sounds and want to mitigate the damage done to my reputation). *Slight awkward pause* and moving on after sharing too much…

Apart from that we also have trackers on us at every given moment. I promise you that murder mysteries can now be solved, just by seeing if their mobile phone was in proximity to the victim. I’ve learnt that if, I ever wanted to murder someone, all I need to do is plant my phone in someone’s carry on bag to Spain and I’ll have a great alibi. Or a cheaper option is to get someone to play world of Warcraft for me during the time period… Though they might mess up my character stats… better not risk it… I’ll go with the carry on luggage.

But truly I love technology…. Even if I wouldn’t ever use it to buy an Xbox and only Nintendo or PlayStation gaming consoles as I believe Windows/Microsoft can bugger about with my computers as much as they like, but to hell with them messing up my gaming. Let’s face it Windows and Microsoft try to mess up your computer as often as possible.

Now that I’ve insulted a huge organization and have possibly made them so mad that they will introduce a new update which will wipe out all existing connection path ways and the script I was running for 3 days to correct a problem which is almost there but is waiting on 5%… let’s move on?

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3 thoughts on “TECHNOLOGY

  1. Absolutely love your posts. Technology does get harder with each passing year, but not because of my brain getting older, it is because the games are outgrowing the hardware! Used to be that games at 514k were big, then the scary MB games, and now it is the GB games. Pushing us gamers to buy External HDD to keep up!

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    1. That is so true! Especially when you need to purchase the games online and download all the content when purchasing something you used to play on a disk. Mostly because they don’t make them compatible with the newer version. I love playing World of Warcraft (though that’s on computer). My only issue was the fact that when I first started playing, it used to take me days to get up to lol 20 and do all the quests. Now it is so easy to gain levels. Now I really want to play all my old game consoles, but should probably go to work instead lol. Thanks for commenting, you are a legend 😊


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