Have you seen “Idiocracy”? No of course you haven’t, it’s an old (being relative) movie and you can actually see the pixels (if you are sitting 3cm away from the screen). It starts off with a smart looking couple, sitting in a lovely apartment and talking about how they will have kids when they have finished their doctorates and degrees… lovely young adults with the world ahead of them. Then it goes to a redneck caravan park with a couple screaming and yelling at each other, with a bunch of rugrats running around them. We go back to the doctor and lawyer and they say that they need to rise up the career pathway and gain permanence before having a child. Switch back to the redneck and the kids have quadrupled in the time. Back to the doctor and lawyer and unfortunately her husband has passed away from stress, but she has his frozen sperm, so maybe someday? The redneck children have now had children of their own and they all are screaming. ..

I am not trying to say that the world is this bad yet… though let’s face It, it is pretty close (they elected Donald Trump into the white house for God’s sake!- apologies America). We have so many people that reproduce, without the slightest doubt about their income or earning potential. Having children is hard! They need food, education, technology (Now to further their education), a roof or party place as the recent stats show they need your support until they are thirty (due to ever soaring real-estate prices and the decreasing job market…). But we have so few who actually look at this and realise they would not make the best parent as unemployed, uneducated and slightly incapable parents/people. Oh, by the way, if you are a parent with reproductive aged children… you’ve just got more kids that your kids produced to take care of due to the points above. Guess what? That retirement isn’t going to happen…

I am not criticising people reproducing. We are animals. It’s a basic cause of nature to act like a sex crazed maniac, especially when drunk. The logic is a bit of a stupidity run, when dealing with the fact that no one really dates anymore. Dude, who cares about the chick that rejected you…. Just go on Tinder and you can sleep with 20 chicks who are blind drunk and  don’t care what you look like! May I just point out, that this is possibly not the best humanity has done with people?

While fast hook ups are a normal day for someone in this day and age, it can cause you to wonder if people actually try anymore? It’s ok because if I didn’t like that guy, I can swipe right on the next three and have a new relationship in seconds. Don’t worry…

Sorry I got off topic. The Overpopulation is main cause for so many problems. The job shortage, the house shortage, the fact you can’t step one step into a store without tripping over one of the little sods….

My main idea is to do exactly the same thing we do with our pets? Let’s neuter all the boys when they reach maturity then store their sperm for future use, if and when they are able to have children? Think of the benefits? We wouldn’t have any “mistakes” or “teen pregnancies” due to lack of forethought. They can apply to have a child when they have a stable career or enough income to support the child… even if they are a single mother or father, thank you very much! It would decrease the population within a few years. It would also help world hunger and keep the population at a reasonable rate. Hey, maybe we can replant some forests? 

Alright, now we have a big argument about “rights of people”, “freedom” and the fact guys don’t want their one ability taken away from them?

It’s ok, I’ve prepared for this… “Dude chill, hey you see that girl over there? You can have sex with her and not worry about having to pay child support or having a fatal attraction problem where she boils your pet rabbit”…

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