We all know, or have heard of the Butterfly Effect or Chaos Theory. It has been disproved by scientific standards as an unlikely event due to their research into probability and reasoning by a computer system. Yes, I do agree that a minor change may not cause a change, maybe… but this is an enormous theory, which encompasses numerous different ideas or structures, that do not give an algorithm or scope which can be defined by science alone.

This of course give a larger structure, which cannot be quantified by smaller basis on the entirety of the theory being too large to measure. I am not going to go as small as a butterfly, I am reasoning with a single human. We have all seen “It’s a Wonderful Life” and know the differences a single persons life can make to the world. But this is focused on a smaller faction.

If we look at the people who then know the people, their lives will be changed as well. If a single person, no matter the minority of existence to them, goes away. This has a direct change to the personalities and lifestyle choices of the people surrounding them.

There is a weird theory that describes, each person having strings, connecting them to each person they encounter. Depending on the persons importance the string gets stronger, or weaker and then snaps. It can be based off of relationships that end and the person struggles at first, then accepts the loss and moves on. That is a type of snapping. If we look at how each of these strings connect us, then realise what an impact they have made to your personality… wanted or not, good or bad. Can we say that we would be exactly the same person, without that connection, either good or bad?

It would be the same as a person suffering from dementia, all their strings are snapped and this leads to them losing their personality or ability to make sense of the world around them. All strings have snapped.

I understand that this is about Chaos Theory and I am trying to explain the principle argument by creating a visual representation of strings connecting us. Let us just theorize that there may be a god pulling our strings and planning a future of worlds which we can’t comprehend. If that is a case and he gave humans free will and the ability to go left, when you were meant to go right… well, now we have chaos right? A child may not be born as that woman never got to a job interview on time because she missed a bus. Then got stuck being a waitress and met a guy and got an infection which dried up her ovaries. But if a random bloke had of been in the cafe and mentioned the time, as she was passing, she would have run for the bus quickly.

Very minor, but it stopped a single person from being born. It changed a whole bunch of strings being developed. Also future strings from developing, from that child. This is then where we come into the argument of time travel. We all know that most people want to go back in time and kill Hitler. Historically, this would not have made as much of a dramatic difference. The government would choose another leader and it would progress the same way. A war is not just one person. But every person connected to Hitler’s life, would be changed by his death and it could lead to their own changes in personality and Life, which would cause a ripple effect. It could even mean that they won the second world war… who knows?

Think about every single person you have ever met. This does affect their personality or life. Even a minor thing, such as making a joke, could cause the person a surge of annoyance… which the person may go home and yell at a partner. Now that partner may think that this is the last straw and decides to leave them and go after the person at their office who was flirting with them… minor joke just ended a marriage. Now because this person is going through a divorce, they can’t go to coffee with a friend. The friend doesn’t go, which results in the fact they don’t meet a person who was also at the coffee house and was going to introduce them to his friend who was going to be their future partner. See? Chaos has just destroyed a few minor strings from being created, and which could have made a person either happy or sad. We don’t know the outcome, as it is random or aka chaos.

From a minor reaction a person may not meet another person, so it has already affected two people. But then as that meeting did not happen, it affects the people’s other relationships or lifestyles which then affects numerous others with a ripple effect. A small incident makes a huge ripple. This is why it is called chaos theory.

I remember being bullied in school and that caused me to become obsessed with reading. Which then made me write. If I hadn’t been there at that time or did not meet those people, who were cruel,  unkind idiots, I’d have never written anything. We all have people we wish to forget or want to ignore. But then we wouldn’t be who we are. Then a bunch of strings would be lost and we’d be without so many people that we know and love.

Each and every single thing you do, affects the pattern of the strings. It may not affect you directly, but it certainly has an impact. Which is why it is called a butterfly effect. A tiny thing can create big waves.

So if you ever feel sad and alone, like no one cares. Just create a small ripple and watch how it creates a big one. You are important in the string network and everything you do, has a meaning… Even if it just means you flap your wings a little bit.  

Published by Maxine Stockton

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