Now this is where I am likely to lose a lot of support, though I have already insulted most areas of the current global problems. I would like to remind everyone, that politicians are not gods. They are very human and make mistakes, also their shit stinks worse because they are in a public forum. We all get drunk and say some idiotic things, perfectly normal to do as a lower wage worker. Why do politicians think they know about the struggles of the middle class citizens or lower? Most have had mummy and daddy pay for their insufficient education to get where they currently are standing. I see lovely flyers in my mail box telling me to vote for a certain politician due  to their care for something they are promising if elected, but budget restrictions will stop them from doing… It is a clear lie. The voters however are too stupid to comprehend a politician lying! They’ve been doing it for the last thousand years people!

I see politicians as a bad relationship. “I promise honey, it was only one time!” this is when the cheat on you and hurt you horribly, yet you believe they will change…we all know the end result. They keep doing it, and you’re the idiot for thinking they will change.

Now, we have to consider, not only the current political or badly run democracy in which we apparently live? We deal with politics within our jobs as well. I honestly thought at the very wise and capable age of nineteen, that I could easily turn my back on politics of any sort and deal with my job and all the normal things a girl can do at the peak of her years. But sadly, no. Politics is something ingrained into our foundation. We have no need to seek it out, as it is within every structure we deal with. It is the same as dealing with structural pathways between applications in development. There is always a hierarchy… aka government of processes to achieve a goal.

What I have learnt, is that this supposed structure is a very weak architecture, which the uneducated and misguided have been prone to support due to my points above. Who cares if they are supporting injustice? Who cares if they are abusing the rights of people? Who cares if we let a person suffer, because the rest of the world no longer cares?

Does anyone remember when we cared? Now, we look at our shoes and hope that no one notices our outrage. Now, we shrug our shoulders and pretend that nothing is happening. Now, we see injustice, see a person dragged through hell and will do nothing. We are submissive and not able, any longer, to see right from wrong. Therefore all cries from the masses are subdued. Not by the fact that people are against the cruelty, but by the fact that it doesn’t apply to their selfish nature.

The pattern which forms is quick. Let’s not care about a person’s morals or humility. Let’s promote the sociopath who has the worst rating for our staff turn overs and least likability from staff… Let’s promote them to manager and hope no one notices his/her harassment complaints filed by over twenty staff? Anyone else noticing this within their workplace?

This is all politics , my friend. We have gone through this in school, workplaces and then we get asked, no sorry, told to vote for the same person we have hated through our schooling, work life and finally general politics? We do have a right to vote, and we should be thankful for it. But when it becomes a forced vote? Doesn’t that take away the choice?

I honestly have no care for politicians or the bull crap they spill to become elected. It actually amuses me greatly when it comes to voting time. I grab a cup of coffee and filter through the numerous flyers, postcards, letters etc. that they are all sending to their districts or councils or the state… then wonder why after printing out so many leaflets they wonder why their tree replantation promise is a bit redundant? My best is when they promise an existing highway be turned into a four lane one, yet the idiots living next to that highway, don’t realise their houses are in the way of that development? It does not take high education to see that a highway requires space to become bigger. The reasons a highway needs to become bigger are due to traffic. Now do we need to ask farmer Bob if the traffic is in high residential areas or his one track dirt road?

Published by Maxine Stockton

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