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Let’s face It, finding employment in this day and age is really hard. The main things looking for by employers are education (for good jobs I am referring to). That is very easy to obtain, especially since we have online education… But only if you are willing to spend eight grand for a flimsy piece of paper, saying you have accomplished their mediocre ability at teaching, that should take a few weeks to learn? Right? This online idiotic place to get an education is the main reason I am pro experience rather than education;

ALERT ALL EMPLOYERS (Especially government…. It’s why we have so many idiots) LOOK AT EXPERIENCE!!!

The online courses which seem very intense are actually something a monkey could do, while watching Netflix or throwing poop… I’m not a monkey and don’t want to inhibit their life style. The fact is that these companies or “Education department” courses actually just want you to pass, so they can charge you thousands for a piece of paper! It’s not an education my friends. It is a ploy to get your money… in case you doubt It, why do you get numerous goes? Remember in actual high school? We sat for an exam and we either pass or fail… The online courses give you multiple chances, because they don’t get paid, if you don’t pass! Education has become a joke. No wonder we keep allowing idiots to rule countries or become house maids (I am not joking , they actually need an education)! We have a lack of people being educated as it is too expensive or too competitive to even try! But don’t worry, we’ll have a tone of fast food attendees to make sure you are all well looked after (Actually you may need a certificate now?)….

Remember when we used to try? Remember when you had to actually had to study or work all night to pass an exam? No? Yeah, it’s now a thing of the past. Want to learn something and be an expert? Just go online for an hour and you’ll get a pretty certificate to tell you that you’re now an expert.

Oh, but wait! Now they actually want you to do stuff at your job? You did learn all this, but lack the actual experience to make it happen? It’s ok… just ask someone else to do It, Right? It’s ok, it’s what every government employee does, most of the time…

Published by Maxine Stockton

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2 thoughts on “EDUCATION

  1. John Taylor Gatto wrote some interesting books on Education which I found very interesting. Add that to your mention of online-guaranteed-to-pass-certificates and you get more experts than ever!
    Good Post Maxine. Cheers

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    1. Thanks so much for the book suggestion. Since covid started, I’ve been expanding my library. Sounds like a good read. Will have a look now. Thanks so much for commenting 😊


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