The Death of the Simpsons Tv Show

I have been watching Simpson’s for my entire life. Since being acquired by Disney, they have removed some classic characters – Apu and Bumble Bee Man and changed all coloured characters voices. It is beyond terrible now. I simply have stopped watching… after thirty three years, Disney has destroyed a much loved television show. 

I had much respect for the actress who played Edna Krabappel and how respectfully you withdrew her voice after she died (Marcia Wallace). It showed how much the cast cared and loved her as part of the team. But the fact you would change other characters voices, due to a single opinion, makes me think that you just don’t understand the Characters different voices and integrity, within a broader scope. How they have become part of the family and people we respect, honour and love as part of the entire cast!

There have been a few voice actors deaths (if you wonder about not seeing them any more);

  1. Doris Grau – Lunchlady Doris – died 1995
  2. Phil Hartman – Troy Maclure, Lionel Hutz, Lyle Lanley – died 2013
  3. Maricia Wallace – Edna Krabappel – died 2013
  4. Jan Hooks – Majula Nahasapeenapetilon – died 2014

They say they are doing it because the characters weren’t voiced by actual coloured people? They do understand that we are seeing a cartoon and not the voice actors right? Plus, if this is the case we then need to make sure Krusty’s voice is by an actual Jewish person. All the kids by children and we have to check all Characters faith in case they are preformed by a non-like voice actor. Poor Bart is voiced by an adult woman! So the show may have to start suggesting that Bart is now becoming curious about his identity and would prefer that people refer to him as non binary? Perfectly logical for a preteen!

Also, since Disney decided that they needed the same voice actors as their Characters, should we ask why an American voice actress (Linda Larkin) is Jasmine’s voice in Aladdin

They removed Apu from the show due to racial insensitivity? I loved Apu as a character. Why remove him? Couldn’t they instead have used his character to depict the cultural values of his Indian heritage (which they have done in numerous episodes)? He is a character in a comedy series! He is not responsible for how the world views Indian people! If this is the case then obviously all white, married males are fat, lazy idiots due to Homer Simpson’s character. 

Bumble Bee man is a tv character within the show, he is a physical comedy character. How is this offensive? Is it because he speaks the one line of dialogue in a Mexican accent? 


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ustv-simpsons-bumblebee-man.gif

Most of the shows characters are stereotypes, it is what makes it funny. It does not mean I will suddenly think all Jewish people are clowns, all Mexican people are bumble bees, all Christians are obsessed with the bible, all Indians are cheap store owners, all police officers are dumb etc. The fact that they are removing characters based on their stereotypes means that none of the 3600 characters are safe. All you have to do is complain loudly that one person finds a character offensive. We can reduce the cast down to 0 within a year, once we convince all the young people that every stereotype is offensive to someone. Who is next I wonder?

Basic fact that they ruined the Simpsons.  I’m not watching anymore. I can’t believe they had the audacity to remove much loved Characters/voices! Really sad after 33 years. 

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