MONA LISA – like art history?

We create, we imagine untold stories. We paint, we sketch, we draw… but nothing is enough. We are untold artists within a sea of creative talent. It sometimes feels as if every story has already been told. Every voice has been heard from and we just rewrite or recreate the same. I read more and often as most others do. This is a basic fact. 

We are not talking plagiarism or the fact one story can be another. What I am trying to point out, is that everything has been done.

Humans no longer need to search. We no longer need to fight against anything. We are done. Depressing, but we are done. 
This is why I think so many people/ mostly millenials get depressed. They have nothing to fight against. They create asinine reasons, to provide meaning to themselves. But most of the time, they are just looking for a stupid fight, which may be important, but mostly redundant in our lives. 

When they were advocating against the subjugation of women, the fair rights of coloured people, the gay/lgtbia rights… guess what? Everyone is accepted! We no longer need to fight! We are done! 
The fight is over. Move on. If you want to fight, look at how we treat animals. Adopt a cat/dog. If you can give them a good home. This makes you responsible for your fight. 

Be the change. If you want to help, then do It! Don’t spout idiotic literature at people. Do, what you can. Don’t be a hypocrite. 

If you believe something, do it. Believe you can do it. Art is drawn from suffering. We create beauty from pain. We create hope from the ashes of a broken soul. Most art comes from suffering. As the human race evolves, we have new types of suffering and hardship. My most inspired art comes from the depth of sorrow. It is then, that I can create beauty.

Most people develop art from their depression or sadness. This is common and attributed to most artists. The best story is told from the darkest part of your soul and a way to work them into the light of day. Art, of any type, is a way to work through the pain. It can help you to feel better, or to make you feel it more deeply. 

Art is personal and sometimes shameful. No person perceiving It, will understand the true meaning. This is why I have such a disregard of art critics. Taste is subjective and personal to both the creator and the perceived. What some love, others will hate. There is no view point that is the same. I look at a painting or listen to a song, or taste a dish and rely on my own ability to find what I like. Art is about you. Not another’s opinion.

I have an inability to explain, why anyone would require another person’s opinion to obtain an art piece. Art is something which speaks to a person’s soul. Do you need some other person to speak for your soul? Everything we see, hear, taste, smell and touch are part of our own experience. If we ask others to experience those senses… We are not truly understanding our own selves. 

I honestly hate art critics. They have no place amongst art. Each piece of art is individual to the artist and the person who it may speak to. I have produced art works for myself and I will love them, as they mean something to me. They express different emotions or how I wish something to be. Everything is my own perception, not someone else’s. 

I remember walking through an entire mueseam and not feeling anything about any of the art works on display. I then saw one painting, which took my breath away. This one painting was truly magnificent to me. None of the others had held my attention, though this single one made me view it for most of the afternoon. Just because it spoke to me and made me feel better about my own thoughts. It was personal and spoke to a part of myself. Which is why it had a profound effect on me.

That is what being captivated by art is. Not what someone else thinks, but by what you can see and appreciate. I would not feel the same way about the painting now, as I had done then. My life and emotions have changed by different circumstance, but I loved and appreciated that piece of art, at that time. All art will have a different view point as you age or get different understandings within your life. What may not speak to you now, may do, in the future. 

All art is subjective, just because you don’t understand or appreciate it now, doesn’t mean that it should be neglected. Some art is easier to relate to when you understand the feeling or expression that hasn’t impacted you yet.

I am telling you, that rather than criticizing an art piece, wait until you can fully understand it. Your opinion is minor when confronted with what the artist wanted you to see. Do not blame them for your ignorance of their vision.

Published by Maxine Stockton

I love to hear from people. Feel free to comment. Cheers.

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