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Delivery Service today…

Please do forgive, my slightly serious posts and let’s face it a bit depressing for the last one. But to move on and give you a laugh, I thought I’d write about the recent troubles with Customer service. 

Customer service is extremely important to any business plan or model on how it performs in the highly competitive retail and service industry. If you buy a toaster, you expect it to toast your bread, if you get a hair cut, you expect that your hair will be shorter when it’s finished, if you pay for delivery, you expect the item to be delivered to the address… right?

I’ve obviously had it wrong all these years. Placing an address actually means – “let’s deliver it to wherever we please and technically it has been delivered.” They then actually try to argue, or in my case just ask me a week later if the problem has been resolved??? How can it be resolved, without you doing anything??? Have I gone insane?

They showed me a picture of where they had delivered It, which was most certainly not my front door. When I told them this, they said “Have we satisfactorily answered your query?”. Really? How the fuck, is showing me a picture of your mistake a satisfactory result? I said “No, you have made a mistake. Please deliver my item to the correct address.” A day later I receive an email asking me if it’s been resolved? No, it fucking hasn’t!!!

I email “No, it has not, and what are they going to do to replace the item?”. They sent me an email saying my query was resolved!!! How the fuck was it resolved? I guess my parents ignoring me, when I was being a brat… did resolve most of my childhood problems… But surely a undelivered package is different!

I called the customer service line of the company I had ordered from, and told them the whole sorry story of the missing item. The lady on the phone told me “Oh that happens a lot…”

OK, anyone besides me, think that misdelivering things is not a good company motto for a delivery service? 

“Sometimes, only sometimes, we might deliver to a correct address.”

Perfect slogan for the company. I’m sure they will get a lot of business.

Now, this was not an isolated incident. I opened my door and noticed a huge box outside my door. It was heavy (Around 50+kg). I haven’t ordered anything that size, so I checked the box and it was meant to be delivered next door! They just left a box the size of a tall human, half in the rain, on my door step without checking the address!

Thank goodness I was strong enough to lift the huge parcel and deliver it to my next door neighbour’s, before the rain damaged it. Was seriously thinking of asking who the delivery company was, and requesting a high delivery fee from them for their mistake? lol

I have a huge sign, which looks terribly tacky, but is necessary for delivery services, with a huge number saying which address is mine. Are people unable to read? Should they be allowed to deliver things if they cannot read? Do they not have mobile phones?

I can quickly and easily identify addresses by typing them into any mapping service… How are they making these errors? Do I need flashing light displays and possibly an air traffic controller to direct the obviously simple, delivery driver? 

Then sometimes we have the postman, who gets incredibly tired and decides the 7 steps to my front door, to get the unnecessary signature… well that’s just too hard. If I just say that the woman was not home I can just put a undeliverable note in her mailbox and make her collect it. Rather then go up 7 steps…

The post office does not see this as a problem. I am home and have been home since the start of covid. I work at home. I wake up at 6am and end the day at 10pm. So unless they decided to try deliver between 10pm and 6am, when I’m most likely asleep, I was fucking home. I have a camera doorbell which alerts me when someone is at the door. Yet still the post office, still tells me, that I did not answer the door?

Then they tell me that after I have paid the exorbitant delivery cost… that I need to collect my delivery??? Which by the way is in the same location as the store and so they have just stolen my postage payment!

I think that the delivery fee should only be applied after the delivery has been made. Those thieving, stupid, lazy bastards!

By the way, I am not usually this agro about these types of things, but this all happened within the same week. I can understand mistakes, but this many in one week means there is a problem…

Anyone else had this kind of problem, or am I cursed with dim-witted delivery services?

Postal Services are not worth fighting 😦

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