I wrote these Poems when I was young and dealing with teenage angst. I like them and they seem so talented for a young girl. Just thought I would share them, as they are currently sitting in an unused notebook on my bookshelf and I thought they deserved other peoples view points.

The Sleeping Rose

DATE: 05 June 2004

The red rose standing tall and proud

Remember me it says

Remember the past left behind

Try not ever forget.

The red rose filled with blood and tears

Memories of what’s been done

Memories of pain can strengthen

To forgive and forget.

A red rose I place in your sleep

Your eternal slumber

A rose planted to remember

Here to sleep on your grave.

The red rose standing with purpose

Remember me it sighs

Remember my past and shed tears

Do not ever forget.

The End of Innocence

DATE: 07 August 2004

The dark shadow behind bright eyes

Somewhere hidden deep behind the lies

Sunlight exploding onto the calm beach

Cheeks a healthy colour of peach

The sky bright blue reflecting their eyes

That had never known how to despise

Laughter high and full of joy

Smiles radiantly pure and coy

The eyes sparkling gems full and bright

No evil is lurking away from sight

Innocence not trapped in the crashing tide

This disappears as time does bide

Sudden clashing of the sea and the rocky shore

With certain knowledge the pain is more

Hidden hatred within hidden fears

That can’t be concealed by falling tears

Tears falling into the reaches of the horrible leer

The laughter turns to screaming none can hear

Smiling cruelly with twisted spite

Deepening darkness in the terror struck night

Realisation that the wounds won’t heal

The layers of thick skin that won’t peel

Trapped behind the pale skin

A silent war begins within

Time begins to seem never ending

The warning signs they keep sending

Light not evident in this darkened world

A vision of truth has now been uncurled

Only relief found is an ending of life

the pain ended by the sharpened knife

Blood now bleaching the shore

Seeing into the hardened core

The waves are calmer the storm is at end

How can pain be felt if it can no longer be mend

A body washed up within the quiet night

Eyes unseeing void of all light.


DATE: 11 January 2006


The slow words of inevitable destruction

The inner turmoil my construction

I wait not for these simple words

For the only one bothered to turn to my pain

Are only my thoughts that continue to drain

I am in a dark world sometimes light may filter in

But behind it is laughter at my selfish sin

I wait not for the simple release

Because never will it claim me so I may be free

I am stuck and lonely so my fate must be

I am lying in chains wrapped so tight

No matter how I struggle to be freed from their might

I wait not for someone to bring me joy

For when I do it forms into betrayal I wish to scorn

My life and death meaningless for not one will mourn

I will be trapped in my cell no longer awake

No one to comfort as I twist and shake

I wait not for someone to finish me off

Because they all did by leading me to this despair

They might wonder if they should care

Though caring is beyond me as I accept this chore

For I have rotted all the way to my hardened core

I wait not for my soul to re-join me

If it is gone why does it still ache

As though with every breath I intake

I am tired and old but still have no joy

Merely fates plaything an insubstantial toy

I wait not for anything

It all must end

My shattered soul can never be mend

The blackness has claimed me and I yield to its call

For me it is now only a shortened fall

I sink back into the embrace of death

As I hope that this be my final breath

With energy depleted all strength gone

I mutter one final word that has waited for so long



DATE: 29 September 2003

Time is meaningless to the wiser eye

Time is everything to the knowledgeable fool

As the clock ticks with a steady pulse

You realise that with time the pulse will slow

Until the time it stops completely

Until the minute it beats no longer.

Published by Maxine Stockton

I love to hear from people. Feel free to comment. Cheers.

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