by Maxine Stockton

Description –

When the forest fairies notice the changes in the forest, the Oracle declares that they must recover the four fairy treasures from the elemental fairies;

“The darkness that has grown for many years,
the terror that every fairy fears.
But with the fairies’ growing plight,
hope is returned by a single light.
One chance we have to correct this wrong,
this hope will need to grow strong.
Because if the four races cannot unite,
the one will fail in the final fight.
You will need the earth’s wisdom to have its say,
You will fail without a flame to guide your way,
You need the air’s knowledge that is kept
You will fail without the water’s emotional depth.
These four elements are needed for all fairies’ creation,
to twist them is the darkness’s motivation.
To stop it collect the Tuatha De Danann’s four treasures,
even though the darkness will try to stop these measures.”

The Oracle sees that Elizabeth is the only fairy with a chance. The Dark Fairy tries to thwart their friendship and collection of the treasures, even invading their dreams with pixie magic.

Meeting friends along the journey and gaining wisdom from the elemental races, Elizabeth learns the true meaning of being a fairy. Can Elizabeth and her friends collect the treasures, unite the races and defeat the dark fairy to save the forest?


Available in Paperback, Hardback, ePub and audiobook.

DATE – Publication November 30, 2022



World of Books (WOB)

The Nile (Australia)


Austin Macauley (England)

imusic (Denmark)

Wook (Portuguese)

Rakuten (Japanese)

Kobo (Turkish)

William Dam Boghandel (Norwegian)

Amazon (Worldwide)

The Book Depository (Worldwide)

Barnes and Noble (USA)

Walmart (America)

Google Books (Worldwide)

EBay (US)

Emka (Slovenian)

FNAC (Portugal)

Books.com.tw (Chinese)

Dymocks (Australia)

Wheelers (NZ)

Foyles (UK)

Waterstones (UK)

WHSmith (UK)


Please feel free to review the book once read. It means a lot to a first time author and your support or criticism is welcome.


About Author –

I am Maxine Stockton and I live in New South Wales, Australia. I work as a Spatial Technical Officer - which means that I develop online mapping applications and databases. I also do various programming developments, in my spare time. I have a range of hobbies, such as; writing, painting, voice/singing, video making, 3D animation, guitar, piano, drawing etc. 

My main goal is to hopefully write a book in all the genres (really big goal as I have only just gotten this one published lol). I am currently working on a few others, and a sequel to this one. I will try keep the list updated as I continue to write. I also enjoy blogging and creating various online articles (https://maxinechaostheory.com/).

I hope you enjoy the book and please feel free to comment, once you have read it. I value feedback and think it's great.

Thanks for reading,


Maxine Stockton

Published by Maxine Stockton

I love to hear from people. Feel free to comment. Cheers.

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