We create, we imagine untold stories. We paint, we sketch, we draw… but nothing is enough. We are untold artists within a sea of creative talent. It sometimes feels as if every story has already been told. Every voice has been heard from and we just rewrite or recreate the same. I read more andContinue reading “ART”


Signs that your employee’s or workers are happy at work are pretty easy to spot. Signs that they are miserable at work, are also easy enough to take note of. I know that everyone thinks; Why the hell should I care about if they are happy? I pay them, so they should just be grateful,Continue reading “EMPLOYEE HAPPINESS”

Customer Service – Delivery

Please do forgive, my slightly serious posts and let’s face it a bit depressing for the last one. But to move on and give you a laugh, I thought I’d write about the recent troubles with Customer service.  Customer service is extremely important to any business plan or model on how it performs in theContinue reading “Customer Service – Delivery”


We often say Goodbye, to anyone or anything which no longer holds a place in our lives. This by no means is saying that we let go of the person or thing we are saying goodbye to. The word “Goodbye”, has great significance in my life. I have said it more than I would want toContinue reading “Goodbye”

Self Confidence

Ok, we all have issues when it comes to self image. I know, as I’ve always suffered and felt that I am never who I want to be. This is such a common problem, with everyone.  If you’ve suffered bullying, mean things said about you, constant criticism for being yourself… yep, we all have thatContinue reading “Self Confidence”


We all have the urge to watch some spooky movies when it comes to Halloween. I’ve put down 5 of my best in each category; There is something to watch for Everyone. Most of the genres are in there (even if it’s predominantly horror). Click on the movie title to read more about the movie.Continue reading “HALLOWEEN MOVIES TO WATCH”


Now when working within close proximity to people… you pick up on bad habits or the ability to hate a specified co-worker and imagine killing them in the most horrific ways. This is normal… when you actually start buying things to help with the murder plot, then I would suggest talking with a workplace helper,Continue reading “WORKPLACE ETIQUETTE”


I can not understand why we have such idiotic measurements when it comes to employment. I have interviewed and been interviewed by many panels or selection committees. None of it makes sense to me. I am extremely skilled within my field and have numerous public examples to back up my experience and knowledge… I amContinue reading “EMPLOYMENT”


Now this is where I am likely to lose a lot of support, though I have already insulted most areas of the current global problems. I would like to remind everyone, that politicians are not gods. They are very human and make mistakes, also their shit stinks worse because they are in a public forum.Continue reading “POLITICS”