Halloween Movies to Watch – 2022

Since last Halloween, I have been putting in some extra Horror Movie watching time, to provide a list on what you might like to watch on your spooky night. This year, I’m going to provide 4 of my top picks in each Horror sub-genre. I won’t be using the same movies from last year, soContinue reading “Halloween Movies to Watch – 2022”

Horror Movie Remakes

You know what I hate, as a horror movie fan? The constant remakes of a horror movie! Yes, we have special effects now and someone might have a slight twist on the original story line, but the constant repetition is boring and kills the original by its mediocracy.  If you are a Horror movie fan,Continue reading “Horror Movie Remakes”


We all have the urge to watch some spooky movies when it comes to Halloween. I’ve put down 5 of my best in each category; There is something to watch for Everyone. Most of the genres are in there (even if it’s predominantly horror). Click on the movie title to read more about the movie.Continue reading “HALLOWEEN MOVIES TO WATCH”